About the APA

The APA is the world’s largest amateur pool league with more than 250,000 members competing in 8-Ball and 9-Ball Leagues throughout North AmericaClick here for more information about the history of the APA.

South Chicagoland APA




                  League   Operator:     Benjamin Almazan

                         Phone:                         (312) 428-0306

       Web:                  balmazan@apaleagues.com
        Area Served:             Southern Cook County 
        League   Year:                Every league year starts June 1st and ends May 31st           
                   Sessions:           Three sessions per league year
                                                  Summer      Begins in June for 14 weeks
                                                  Fall              Begins in September for 16 weeks
                                               Spring         Begins in January for 16 weeks

                     Current:           Each session currently has 18 divisions           Approximately 130teams 


                    Sessions:           Monday                9-Ball      Start time: 7:00      2 division

                                                    Tuesday                9-Ball      Start time: 7:00      1 division

                                                                                  8-Ball      Start time: 7:00      3 division 

                                                    Wednesday          8-Ball      Start time: 7:00      3 divisions

                                                    Thursday              8-Ball      Start time: 7:00      3 divisions 

                                   Friday                   8-Ball      Start time: 7:00      2 divisions 

                                                                                  9-Ball      Start time: 7:00      1 divisions 

                                         Sunday                8-Ball      Start time: 1:00      1 division   

                                                                                  9-Ball      Start time: 2:00      1 divisions 

                  About Teams:    Each division has about 4-14 teams, 5-8 players on a team. Only 5 players
                                            play that night.

                                           Your team plays once a week against other teams in your division

                                           You can play on more than one team but they must be in different divisions

                                           At the of the session, there are playoffs to see which team takes First Place



                       WorldQualifier/CityWide:  All first place winners from each division and from each session (Summer,

                                            Fall and Spring) play in the City-Wide Tournament in June.

                 Vegas:             Winners of the City-Wide Tournament compete in the National Team 
                                         Championship in
Las Vegas
                                         We have a Travel Assistance Fund that usually covers your air fare and hotel
                                         for the whole team.


                Skill Levels:    Players are assigned a skill level anywhere between 2 thru 7 with 7 
                                         being the better players
                                         We have more Skill Level 3 players in our league than any other Skill

                                                   S/L 2       8%                          S/L 5       22%

                                                   S/L 3       27%                        S/L 6       14%

                                                   S/L 4       26%                        S/L 7       3% 

                Weekly team     The skill levels of the 5 players that play their match each
                                          week cannot add up to more than 23

                match-ups:         Example: Skill Levels 6, 6, 5, 4, 2 = 23                or 6, 6, 5, 3, 3, = 23


             About the        About 70% of the players are just out to have fun, hang out
             players:           with their friends and
meet people. Only about 30% are serious players