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South Chicagoland APA is proud to have the most recognized player in the world of billiards, Jeanette Lee aka the Black Widow, as spokesperson for the Largest Pool League in the World!



8 Ball MVP Tournament Sat Feb 22nd at Pockets. Tables open for practice at 11 am Tournament begins at noon. (9 Ball will be sunday) $20 entry fee. $100, spot in the October Singles Regional & a Trophy for 1st Place. $50 for 2nd Place


Div 001                                                                        Div021_______                                                       
Skill 2 Betty Sughayar, Melissa Lyons, Elizabeth Shinstine   Alexandria Farrington, Melissa Lyons, Jamison Fila

Skill 3 Pat Daley, Cyrina Perez, Jerimy Runner                   Carm Licata, Skip Fugiel, Scott Villarreal 

Skill 4 George Reynolds, Shane Hanley, Jesse Lopez             Kevin Oconnell, Grant Whitten, Richard Crabbe

Skill 5 Bennie Mondragon, Alex Campos, Tony Huss              Bill Yeager, Jack Howe, Bob Stroz

Skill 6 Mike Walsh, Jose Godinez, Victor Guzman                   Will Saggan, Greg McGrath, Don Rak 

Skill 7 Tom Maloney, Mike Denson, Victor Lopez                   Scott Gall

Div 022                                                                           Div 031_________________________
Skill 2 Marie Jordan, Lorrie Furguson, Judy Freeman            Nancy Scavelli, Betty Sughayar, Cindy Boggess

Skill 3 Rick Hughes, Judy Pihl, Ricardo Valenciano                Jeff Kapel, Joseph Mireles, Nicole Andrews

Skill 4 Jatinder Kaler, Tony Rice, Danielle Budick                  Jose Mora, Kelly Williams, Edgar Govea

Skill 5 Bob Mann, Howard Mazon, Carlos Hernandez             Jorge Sanchez, Victor Dantino, Frank Guerrero 

Skill 6 Dexter Gondo, Rick Sifuentez, Don Jelly                     Bennie Mondragon, Tommy Paine, Ron Spagnolo 

Skill 7 Tom Malony, Tony Sifuentez, Rob Parry                    Victor Lopez



Div 032                                                                           Div 033______________________________
Skill 2 Lorrie Furguson, Sue Mikes, Mari Branson                 Sara Altinay, Christine Johnson, Nancy Scavelli

Skill 3 Cyrina Perez, Tim Mikes, Emmett Williamson             Sal Campos, Neal Pacius, Anthony Burger

Skill 4 Patrick Dryer, Jesse Lopez, Al McGrew                       Sam Alakash, Paul Guizar, Sean Ryan 

Skill 5 Bill Jordan, Conrad Dybala, Stephan Noone                Tito Guizar, John Fortuna, Robby Glick

Skill 6 Ron Krupa, Rich Mikes, John Fese                             Jose Godinez, Vince Boettger, Nes Chaves           

Skill 7 Tom Maloney, Mike Denson, Jason Krueger 


Div 041                                                                              Div042_____________________                                                                                                                
Skill 2 Trina McGrath, Lorrie Ferguson, Althera Steenes            Lorrie Furguson, Nancy Scavelli, Rikki Bateman         

Skill 3 Henry Ramos, John Lowery, Thomas Lambert               Effran Barraza, Frank Krejsa, Larry Morales

Skill 4 Kevin McGrath, Steve Krawczyk, Paul Pak                      Martin Martinez, Chris Calcoate, Pimo Aguayo

Skill 5 Rich Adee, Jerry Goodman, Ed Kawa                            Juan Calzada, Mark Holda, Frank Guerrero

Skill 6 Greg McGrath, Fred Minyard, Aiman Samad                   Bennie Mondragon, Dexter Gondo, Ezequil Ledesma

Skill 7 Eric Hinks, Victor Lopez, Rob Parry                               Victor Lopez


Div 043                                                                              Div 051_________________
Skill 2 Lisa Kirner, Patty Jaime, Analie Fanco                            Daniella Maki, Beth Crouse, Criss Krawczyk

Skill 3 Luis Marinez, Ben Almazan, Dave Wieczorek                  Larry Keller, Mike Brownlee, Kyle Conlin

Skill 4 Sal Torres Sr, Danny Gonzalez Sr, Fern Castro             Shane Hanley, Rob Eigenbauer, Steve Krawczyk 

Skill 5 Tito Guizar, Brian Ruelas, Dave Fee                              Kyle Keller, Kristoffer Kotan, Larry Coulter

Skill 6 Vince Boettger, Bennie Mondragon, Jose Godinez          Fred Minyard, Rich Crouse, George Glonek 

Skill 7 Victor Lopez                                                               Tom Maloney, Joey Gonzalez, Mike Denson


9 Ball MVP Tournament Sun Feb 23nd at Pockets. Tables open for practice at 11 am Tournament begins at noon. $20 entry fee-
$100, spot in the October Singles Regional & a Trophy for
1st Place. $50 for 2nd Place


Div 911                                                                                Div 921___________________________
Skill 1 Amanda Buryj, Maggie Marusqiz, Althera Steenes        Mary Villalobos, Analie Franco

Skill 2 Carrie Babb, Denise Gonzales, Madeline OConnor     Carolyn Sharp, Gina Guazzo, Perla Chavez     
Skill 3 Tony Sansone, Tony Miller, Gil Campos                        Amber Kandle, Edgar Govea, Sagrario Vargas
Skill 4 Jesse Grijalva, Rob Lester, Ron Ford                            Mario Mercado, Kito German, Pete Pfeiffer
Skill 5 Jerry Goodman, Alex Campos, Aimen Samad              Dave Aguirre, Roque Hernandez, John Drish
Skill 6 Jason Henry, Jose Corona, Jose Godinez,                      Mark Holda
Skill 7 Fred Minyard, Chris Medvid, Stan Kastelic                     Tommy Paine
Skill 8 Robert Maxson
Skill 9 Rob Parry, Danny Garza, Joey Gonzalez 


Div 951

Skill 1 Criss Krawczyk
Skill 2 Abby Flynn, Daniella Maki, Beth Crouse
Skill 3 Zach Novicki, Melissa Gilberto, Kyle Conlin 
Skill 4 Andre Rodriguez, Stephen Clabaugh, Steve Krawczyk
Skill 5 Mike Flynn, Kristoffer Kotan, Larry Coulter
Skill 6 Joanne Buus, George Glonek, Joe Frits 
Skill 7 Tom Maloney, Charles Singleton, 
Skill 8 Dave Przybyla, Mike Denson, 

Skill 9 Rob Parry 





8-Ball Open, 9-Ball Open
Spring Session starting soon! Grab some friends and family and start having fun playing pool. Sunday 8 Ball begins 1/19/14. Starting time is 1:00pm.Looking for teams in the Alsip, Crestwood, Midlothian, Oak Forest or Tinley Park. Monday 9 Ball Begins 1/20/14 7 teams are out of Pockets but also looking for teams in the Alsip, Crestwood, Midlothian, Oak Forest or Tinley Park. Tuesday 9 Ball Begins 1/21/14 so far will be an 8 team Division with Teams out of Junior's Bar,Perception Lounge, Primos Pizzeria, Cermak Cermak Beach Bar(All in Berwyn) Smilin Goat (McCook),Trojanek's & Pap's Tap (Both in Chicago) So would like to add other Bars from these areas Friday Double Jeopardy in House League out of Pockets Billiards begins 1/24/14 7:00 pm Start All other divisions begin the week of 1/13/14
Ask me how to qualify for the National tournaments in Vegas!


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